Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ooh, that's P.H.A.T.

Introducing our brand spankin' new Portrait House Advisory Team (yea, they're Pretty Hot and Tempting too! :)

Last night Justin and I had our first meeting with our new advisory team to hash out all the details of the Million Faces Campaign and all of our "next actions" for making it happen (P.S. special thanks to Nathan & Amber for us even having that phrase in our vocabulary... let alone actually doing it!). Wow, I can't even tell you how much energy there was in that room...you could literally feel the electricity in the air! We were all bouncing off the walls and just couldn't get our ideas out fast enough. I am so blown away with how much we accomplished and the clear path we laid out for the road ahead. It is nothing short of amazing what happens when you surround yourself with people smarter and more creative than yourself! :) I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone for all your hard work and awesome ideas...none of this would be happening without you!

It's funny how easy it was really to put this group together, because it was almost like they were self-selected. All of them basically came to us at one point or another and said "Look, I'm gonna be a part of this...I'm in it for the long haul...and this is what I'm doing to make it happen." How cool is that?! To date, Robert has pledged to *personally* raise $1,000 dollars by December and he just put the PH as the opening page of his website...Paul & Krystal are organizing a HUGE showing for PH at "Festivus," a music festival they are heading up...Steve DePino is planning a workshop where all the proceeds will go to PH and he's also working on getting us radio publicity...and Carla has been on board with the Million Faces campaign from the very beginning and is currently planning it's big launch this July. C'MON! How could we have even asked for better support than that?! We are so blown away by all the people stepping up to get involved and we still have plenty of stuff for people to do, so contact us if you wanna lend a hand!

Million Faces Campaign

It's been coming for a while now, and we're *finally* ready to announce the next phase for Portrait House... The Million Faces Campaign starts here!

The goal is pretty simple: get a million people to donate one dollar or more to have a snapshot taken of them in front of a black OR white background...that will then be added to become part of the million faces at www.TheFacesofChange.org (we're working on getting the website up now...I'll post the link when it's live)

Everything is happening *really* fast with the PH and Million Faces right now, so we set up this blog to keep everyone up to the minute on all of that. Make sure to bookmark it so you don't miss anything.

So far, besides our strong group here in CT, we've also had people contact us from CA & TX wanting to get involved. We fully expect this campaign to go national, so we need people leading the way all across the country. To that end, we're looking to build PH groups (much like our awesome Pictage PUGs!) in every state...so we're putting out a CALL FOR LEADERS: if you wanna get on board for leading the group in your state, please post in the comments or contact us at justin@theportraithouse.org

ok...time for coffee!! :)