Thursday, June 5, 2008

Think diPHerent!

Special thanks to our amazing friend, Jasmine, for being one of the first in our grass roots ad campaign to get the word out about PH. Mary & I are just so thankful to have people like her in our lives, the kind of people who drop everything to make Hope happen! We love you Jaz!

We also want to thank Candice & Mark of Mark Brooke Photography and Gabriel & Carlie of Gabriel Ryan Photography for helping Jasmine out for this shot!!

We have a whole line up of killer photographers who are going to be doing their own PH ad, so stay tuned for that! To get your own custom PH shirt, just send us your ideas and we'll get you all set up.



cassandra m said...

Hello from the beautiful city of Savannah...found you by way of Jaz*. I wanted to send some luv your way...YOU guys are simply AWESOME! I am going to read more about you now and sending lots of prayers your way. Helping, Hope, Giving...All beauti-PH-ul things!!!!

gabriel ryan said...

such a rad cause. and even more so... i think you guys have stumbled onto something here. so often, we assume giving ourselves away just means opening up our wallets. but you have found a way to tap our creative resources as well, literally, for the good of our neighbor. so rad.

Mary Marantz said...

thanks guys!! your words mean the world to us and we are so grateful to have you on board!!


Shannon said...

what an awesome concept! I will definitely send this along to all my photographer clients!!! can't wait to see all the progress. great job for doing such good!

Rachel Brooke said...

I love your efforts to help the community and your promotional ads are awesome!