Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PHotographer of the Week | Eric Laurits

We love our photography community, and are continually astounded at the amount of gracious hearts we find behind all the cameras, websites, & blogs. With this in mind, we want to get to know a little more behind the rockin' souls who so generously give back to the community and ultimately the world.

Beginning this week, we will be highlighting a new photographer each week who we have observed does just that.

First up... the inimitable Eric Laurits of :e:. This man truly embodies a heart for others and lives his life putting others before himself. Don't just take our word for it, check him out.....his actions truly speak louder than his (or our) words.

Your name: eric johannes laurits

Where do you hail from? Inside.

Single, taken, or looking? Single and taken with looking.

If you could read the diary of anyone dead or alive who would it be? I'd rather not, thanks. I trust you.

I am happiest when... you are nearby.

Your favorite Sesame Street Character: Ron Jeremy

Preferred Superhero power: can stop people from wearing makeup and help them to understand that they are perfect just like they are. Because you are, you know.

What is one thing people mistake about you? I'm about as cool as a kick to the junk.

Favorite 80's Movie: uh…. I'd love to pretend that decade never existed.

Something you cant live without: kindness.

First thought when you wake up in the morning: Oh man, who is that?

Best piece of advice you ever received: better safe than pregnant.

Favorite quote:

Yvonne: Where were you last night?
Rick: That's so long ago, I don't remember.
Yvonne: Will I see you tonight?
Rick: I never make plans that far ahead.

What inspires you? The way the light dances with her hair.

Someone you admire: Andres and Virginia Laurits

What kind of candy best describes you? Strawberries.

Never have I ever.... been serious.

I have a celebrity crush on .... LaCour

What are you wearing today which is the most reflective of who you are? A turtle around my neck.

Choose a unique item from your wallet and explain why you carry it around? My donor ID card. Just cause you never know.

We generally approach volunteer work with the heart of giving back, yet more often than not, the giver is often the one changed. Please share with us your favorite volunteer experience and what you learned... I was in the AmeriCorps for a year. It was so incredibly tough on my soul, but watching children in need [especially the boys] of a positive role model in their life flourish academically and socially because of a single constant has given me enough love to last for the rest of my life.


Check in each week as we continue explore more amazing souls behind the lens.


Rnormfoto said...

excellent! I've always admired his work plus he seems like a really fun guy!!!

Justin Marantz said...

awesome!! thanks so much :e:!!!


cassandra m said...

great pics...very creative!