Monday, June 30, 2008

PHotographer of the week | Steve DePino

This week we have the awesome Steve-y DePino out of Connecticut. This joy of a young man has been involved with the foundation of PH and is an active part in the PH Advisory Team (PHAT). We are truly blessed to be surrounded by gold-hearted talent.

This dude makes me laugh... :D

Where do you hail from? Guilford CT.

Single, taken, or looking? Depends on who's asking... wait that sounds creepy... single

If you could read the diary of anyone dead or alive who would it be? Anne Frank

I am happiest when...
When I make people smile

Your favorite Sesame Street Character:
Gordon Robinson

Preferred Superhero power:
Web- slinging- I'm not even sure I would want that power but I would like to tell people I have "web-slinging capabilities". I think it would look good on a resume.

Favorite 80’s Movie: All of them

Something you cant live without:

First thought when you wake up in the morning:
"me should.. coffee... get"

Best piece of advice you ever received:
"Don't take advice from strangers"

Favorite quote:
"Everything I'm not, made me everything I am" -
Kanye West

What was one thing you wish someone had told you before getting into photography?
Never be afraid to make mistakes or ask questions.

What inspires you? Anything that is incredibly well designed and simple

Someone you admire:
Frank Gehry

What kind of candy best describes you?

Never have I ever....
answered a question like this.

I have a celebrity crush on
... Natalie Portman

What are you wearing today which is the most reflective of who you are? my comfy sunday warmup pants

Choose a unique item from your wallet and explain why you carry it around? A small note from my dad that simply reads "have you ever felt like your where stuck between a rock and a hard place? " My dad left me that note on the breakfast table after I "parked" his fairly
new truck on a massive bolder at my girlfriends house the night before. He forgave me and made me laugh all at the same time. thats my dad.


Check in each week as we continue to explore more amazing souls behind the lens.


Robin Dini Photography said...

amen to chapstick and nerds!

cassandra m said...

That is hilarious....I was laughing so hard at that mustache sideways...hee.hee. He looks like a blast.

Jules Bianchi said...

Steve. You rock!!

Anonymous said...


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